On Saturday 26 August in Taormina, in the splendid Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, Giusy D’Arrigo presents her book Al di là delle nuvole – Sulle ali del mio Angelo . It will be a special afternoon organized by Sabina Scaravaggi, Regional Enac Delegate and member of the National Executive. Starting at 5 pm, during the event, moderated by Davide De Filippi, journalists Paola Donnini, Katia Scapellato and Francesco Liotta will intervene, as well as the actor Riccardo Mei, the voice of Superquark, and the psychologist Sergio Amico. The Mayor of the City of Taormina, Cateno De Luca, will also be present. Recalling the exceptional feats of Giusy’s brother, Angelo d’Arrigo, profound and important themes will be explored, such as the will to face impossible challenges and the individual awareness of nature.

On 23 and 24 May 2023 Giusy D’Arrigo is at auction at the Capitolium Art, the most important Italian auction house, with the work Dalla terra al cielo, made with mixed technique, in wood, resin, lava stone, aluminum and gold leaf. The dimensions are 40x32x24 cm, the starting price is 2500€.

Riccardo Mei, the voice of RAI Superquark, read excerpts dedicated to Angelo D’Arrigo taken from the book “Al di là delle nuvole (Sulle ali del mio Angelo)“, written by his sister Giusy, for the channel “Le ali del Brujo“, creating moments of profound and engaging intensity.

In Rome, at the Senate of the Republic, in the Sala Caduti di Nassiriya, the book “Al di là delle nuvole (sulle ali del mio Angelo)” by Giusy D’Arrigo was presented, published in December 2022 by Istituto Armando Curcio. In the book the author tells about her brother Angelo, free flight world champion, ethologist, explorer of the boundaries of nature and master of life. The event, moderated by Simona Cangelosi, journalist of the Corriere della Sera, was attended by Senators Marco Scurria and Lavinia Mennuni. Among the speakers, in addition to the author, were the RAI presenter Donatella Bianchi, Riccardo Mei, the voice of “Superquark”, and the journalist Paola Zanoni.



The You Tube channel “Le ali del Brujo“, a container of experiences that favor a path of personal growth, with about 50 thousand subscribers, hosted Giusy D’Arrigo with an engaging interview in which Angelo‘s incredible story was remembered and told with exciting and often moving details.

Giusy D’Arrigo was invited by Cusano Italia TV, the television owned by the Niccolò Cusano Telematic University of Rome, free-to-air throughout Italy on digital terrestrial channel 264, to talk about her book “Al di là delle nuvole (Sulle ali del mio Angelo)” in the program “L’emigrante – Storie di varia umanità”, conducted by Giò Di Sarno.